What we already know about the Super Bowl will play a major part in how we view the big game.

But a little-known fact is also shaping up to be the biggest game in Australian history.

Here are the key takeaways: There will be more than just fireworks in the Superbowl in Sydney.

More than half the country will be watching and the game will be a much bigger affair than the Rugby World Cup.

The NRL will also be there and it is likely to be one of the biggest games on TV.

But we may be looking at a more muted atmosphere.

This will be the first time the AFL has held the game.

That will mean a bigger crowd in the stands and a bigger atmosphere.

But the NRL is expected to have a bigger presence than the AFL.

The AFL has had a much more successful relationship with the game of football in Australia than the NRL, and its dominance of the AFL’s national game has not gone unnoticed.

But with the AFL and NRL playing a series of blockbuster games, the rivalry between the two leagues is likely also to grow.

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