Aussie online poker site Cardroom, a subsidiary of Melbourne-based poker firm PokerStars, has opened a new casino in Vegas.

The casino will be located in a former nightclub.

Cardroom’s casino in Las Vegas is on a former strip club site.

Cardrooms has partnered with Nevada’s Wynn Resorts and a group of local players who are interested in expanding their casino business.

Cardroom’s Vegas casino will open later this year and will feature a pool table, arcade, slot machines and more.

Cardpool, a cardroom and poker company, is a subsidiary to Cardroom.

Cardboard is a popular app that lets you play cards online, but the cardrooms business is far from unique.

CardPool is a card room operator, not a poker site.

The Vegas casino is a new venture for Cardpool that will allow its operators to play in Las Vegas casinos without having to wait for a casino license to open.

Card Pool is owned by poker developer Chris Hutton, who is also the CEO of PokerStars.

The Vegas casino won’t be open until later this month.

This is a lot of money for a local casino to bring in, said Craig Fong, chief executive officer of the Wynn Group.

It’s a great opportunity for us to build on our core brand and brand identity.

Card pool operators are also in a unique position in that they get to play with and against local gamblers.

Card pools can’t get a license for poker in Nevada.

We’re definitely going to see a lot more operators get licensed, he said.

A poker site in Vegas is still a long way off, but Cardpool will be the first to try to get in on that.

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