Thousands of people were living in fear when the casino in the city of Wigan, near Dublin, went under construction in July 2016.

Now the casino has closed and the residents have to find other ways to make ends meet.

The city council had estimated the new casino would be a success, but now, with the town now facing an economic downturn, it may not be.

What’s more, the developers are struggling to raise enough money for the project.

One of the developers, Cuny Development, says it needs about €150m to get the project going.

“I know the city is very much in a crisis and we have to be very careful, and if we do not get the necessary funding, the city will go bankrupt and that is what we are going to have to do,” said Mr Dolan.

The developers hope the project will attract more money for new housing in the town and boost the economy.

What they are not willing to discuss, however, is the impact of the construction on the waterway.

Some locals claim the casino would damage the beauty of the creek.

Others fear the casino will destroy the town’s beautiful creek.

“It will be quite an impact on the river and the beauty and the wildlife, as well as the natural beauty,” said local resident and local politician, Tom Flanagan.

“The water is very important, it’s the lifeblood of the river.

Residents fear the project could have a negative impact on tourism in the area. “

We are all in favour of keeping the river as it is.”

Residents fear the project could have a negative impact on tourism in the area.

“This is a great opportunity to build tourism, but what if we are unable to build it because the town has already closed down and we are looking for another way to get our money back?” said Mr Flanagan, who is also a local councillor.

He is calling on the council to re-open the project, and he has contacted local councillors, councillors from other local authorities, and local authorities in Dublin and the Irish capital.

“What we need is a bit of clarity about what is happening, and the council needs to say something.

I’m sure the council will respond to that, but we need some clarity,” he said.

The council has already said it will review the project once the council considers the report.

“In the interim, we will consider all the available evidence and make recommendations in due course to the council,” a spokesperson said.

What happens next for the town?

In the meantime, the residents of Wigans Cove are being forced to find another way of living.

In an effort to keep the casino running, they have started a new website, The Wigan Casino Survival Fund, which aims to raise funds for other local projects.

“There are other projects that we have identified that have an uncertain future, and we need to raise money to support them,” said The Wigans Casino Survival Project’s CEO, Paul O’Connell.

“For the town of Wigsley, this is an opportunity to rebuild our local economy, which is desperately in need of it.”

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