Now playing: New iPhones are starting to make a comeback, but they don’t have the same level of convenience as the older models Now playing ‘Playback mode’ lets you record audio from video games Now playing iOS 8.2: Apple has added more ways to control your iPhone Now playing Apple is getting ready to launch a new version of iOS called OS X Yosemite, according to a tweet from the company.

The latest version of OS X is called Yosemite, and it’s expected to arrive later this year.

Apple is currently rolling out the Yosemite update to all of its iOS devices.

The Yosemite update will be available to customers in the US and Canada, according a statement from Apple.

Users will need to download the Yosemite upgrade from the Mac App Store to get it installed on their device.

Once Yosemite is installed, users will need an iCloud account to log in to their Apple devices.

Once logged in, users can create a new iCloud account for each Apple device they wish to connect with other people.

If you’re planning on using an iOS device with a new Apple Watch Series 3 or 3+ (or 3rd generation Apple Watch with an upgraded battery), the upgrade should help you enjoy more video games, social media integration, and more.

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