By Chris KingParagon Casino is opening its doors for the first time in years, with the first players to register to play on Sunday, October 16, having to wait until the next scheduled registration deadline on Monday, October 18.

A spokesperson from Paragon told the Casino has been fully open since October, and the first of the new players is now registered.

“Paragon has been open for more than a year, and our first players will have the opportunity to get their first crack at the new game when it is released at the end of next week,” the spokesperson said.

“The Casino has had over 100,000 registered players across the world and we have a strong community of poker players all over the world, and it is important for them to get the game out on the first day of its launch.”

If you register, you will have an opportunity to play for one hour, and if you win you will be entitled to up to four times the normal amount of chips in your hands.

“You can find out more about Paragon here.

The Casino’s website is still live, but the full launch is expected to occur in the next few weeks, with new information being released by Paragon in the coming days.”

As with any new game, you can check the Casino’s official website and Facebook page for all the latest news, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments on our social media channels.

“What do you think about Paragoons Casino opening?

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