— Pampas’ Pauma Casino is set to open on July 15, 2018 in a new facility at the old Pauma Resort and Casino, which is now a vacant property.

The resort is currently the site of a $1.9 billion, 70,000-square-foot casino, and Pauma has plans to expand that casino.

The new Pampasa will be located at the end of a 1,600-acre parcel of land, which includes several of the resort’s resorts.

“We’re excited to welcome Pauma into the Pampases, and I’m very pleased that we will be able to expand the casino and create a premier entertainment destination for the people of Pampasi,” said John E. Tisch, CEO of Pauma, Inc., in a press release.

Pauma plans to open the Pauma Las Vegas on July 17, 2018, and it will open on Aug. 8, 2019, in the new Puma Casino.

Paumas casino, which was built in 2012, has been open since February of 2016 and has generated a record $2.9 million in revenue per day.

“Pauma Las is a new type of entertainment venue, and we’re thrilled to have this new facility in the heart of our beautiful city,” said Pampesa Mayor Mike Groll in a statement.

The casino will also serve as a training facility for the resort, which recently opened its first day-care center and is planning a “learning-to-play” center and recreational playground.

The Paumases first resort in Florida opened in September 2017 and is set for its third season.

“Pampas will continue to build upon its unique and exciting past and present, with the continued development of our existing resorts, our growing international footprint and the continued growth of our international community,” said David J. Soto, president and CEO of the Caesars Entertainment Corporation, in a release.

“Our focus remains on bringing great entertainment to Pampase families in a fun, safe and family-friendly environment, and our commitment to the Paumasing people and their families is unmatched by any other venue in the world.”

Pauma announced its plans to add a casino in March 2018.

Paumanas gaming operations have grown rapidly over the past few years, with a casino-style facility, restaurants, restaurants and a spa and spa treatment center.

The spa and fitness center will be in the Paumanase Resort and is slated to open later this year.

A casino has been announced for Pampascas first resort, located in Naples.

“I know that the people and the community of Pampa will be excited to experience the future of our Paumanases gaming destination, which will be the first resort to open in Pampastas new resort area, and will also provide our resort with the ability to create a world-class entertainment destination,” said Mike Grolick, president of Paumanass Resort Group, in an announcement.

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