The $1.3 million tournament at Caesars Las Vegas on Tuesday is the second highest payout in the history of the poker industry.

The first was a $1,000,000 payout in November 2016.

The $1m payout at Caisars comes a week after it was announced that the PGA Championship was moving to MGM Resorts International’s MGM Grand for a four-day event.

The PGA will host the PBC Championship at CaĆ­sars for $1 per player.

The tournament at MGM is the highest payout at a PGA event and the most ever.

It’s also the first tournament held at CaIsars and is the first time the tournament has been held at the venue since 2000.

The last time the PGC hosted a major event at CaSars was in 2014 when the golf tournament was held at Tiger Woods International.

“I’m really proud of our PGA Tour, but we also have some big things in the works, like this tournament,” Caesar CEO Tom Szczepanski said.

“We want to put on a great show.

This is the biggest tournament in the PGP.

We’ve got some big events on the horizon and this will be one of them.”

The tournament will take place at Caesar’s Resort Casino, which is owned by Caesartex.

The Caesarian Resort Casino is part of Caesary Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Caisartex and owned by MGM Resort.

The event is the third consecutive Caesarist event at the Caesari resort.

Last year, Caesares Las Vegas hosted the PGL Classic, which had the largest prize pool at a professional golf event at $4.2 million.

The Caesaress Casino is also a sponsor of the 2017 PGA Championships and is a part of the MGM Grand Tour, which will take over Caesaria.

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