The Emerald Crown Casino in Moncton, New Brunswick, is getting $30 million worth of upgrades to make it more comfortable for the people it serves.

In a news release sent to CBC News, the company announced that the upgrades will include:A new sound system that will include a mix of jazz and classical music to better connect patrons with the entertainment and dining offerings.

The new dining room and lounge will feature a full bar and bar seating area, with a view of the casino floor.

Also, the restaurant will have a full menu of food that includes a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts.

A new bar that will feature both the bar and the lounge.

The casino also plans to install a large TV screen and a new sound stage.

The company said the upgrades are being made to make the casino more comfortable and provide patrons with a more enjoyable experience.

The Emerald Crown is a new casino in Moncntons crown jewel.

It opened in 2016, and it currently has the highest score on Canadian casino ratings website

The Emeralds score is now at 17.8 out of 20.

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