A new study out of the University of Arizona has found that Phoenix’s $300-million MGM Resort & Casino has the highest median occupancy rate of any NFL team.

The study, conducted by University of Phoenix researchers, also found that in 2016, the Arizona Cardinals ranked fifth among teams with an average occupancy of at least 85 percent, ahead of New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.

The survey found that of the teams with the highest averages for average occupancy in 2016 were the Arizona Coyotes at 82.3 percent, the San Francisco 49ers at 81.8 percent, and the Seattle Seahawks at 81 percent.

The average for Arizona and San Francisco is 82.1 percent and 79.4 percent respectively.

The median for the Arizona and Seattle Seahawks is 83.6 percent and 78.8 the average for the San Diego Chargers.

The data shows that the Arizona franchise is the highest in the league.

Arizona ranked first in 2016 with an occupancy rate above 80 percent, while San Francisco was the only team with an 85 percent occupancy rate.

In addition, the average in 2016 for the New York Giants was 75.7 percent, followed by the Dallas Cowboys at 75.6 and the Washington Redskins at 73.3.

According to the report, the Phoenix Cardinals had the highest occupancy rate among teams playing in NFL stadiums in 2016.

The average occupancy was 80.5 percent, which was just above the 82.8 and 80.9 percent average occupancy rates for the Seattle and New England teams.

The Arizona Cardinals average occupancy at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

According a press release, “These figures demonstrate that the Phoenix-area population of 1.5 million was larger than the population of most of the U.S. states and territories combined in 2016 and that the city of Phoenix had the fifth highest average home occupancy in the country.”

The data also shows that Arizona ranked eighth in the U, and eighth nationally, in the number of visitors per capita, at more than 10.4.

That’s also the highest figure in the study.

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