Biloxi, Mississippi — The biggest casino in the world isn’t even open yet.

Ballymore, a $2.3 billion resort casino in northern Mississippi, opened Monday, according to its website.

The casino is being constructed by the same developers behind the $2 billion Vegas, which opened in January.

The Las Vegas Casino, which is scheduled to open by the end of this year, will be the first major casino in America to be built in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area.

Balderston, Mississippi, is about 70 miles south of Biloxis.

It is home to the Mississippi River.

Baldwin County Commissioner Doug Lacy, a Democrat, said the state’s casinos have seen a lot of activity in recent years and said the $1.6 billion Wynn Resorts’ Ballymores opening would be the third-biggest opening of any Mississippi casino.

“The state of Mississippi is a major player in the entertainment industry and we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of entertainment centers that are being built,” Lacy said.

“So we’ve got to see where this goes from here.”

The casino has more than 7,500 slot machines and is open to the public.

The opening of the casino is the first of three Ballymontas expected to open this year.

The others are in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and in Miami, Florida.

The third is slated to open next year.

The Wynn and Ballymena are not the only new projects in Mississippi.

In September, the city of Jackson opened the first Casino Resort in Mississippi since the Great Depression.

Jackson Mayor Loni Hancock said the project will provide the city with an opportunity to attract new business and create jobs.

The Jackson Casino will have a full bar and restaurants and will be part of a planned expansion that will also include a sports complex, a hotel, and a resort parking lot.

The expansion is expected to create about 1,000 jobs.

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