A new proposal to build a casino in southern New Mexico is based around a concept that “has not existed in the history of gaming,” the Associated Press reported.

The Graton Resort Casino and Spa has been on the drawing board for two years.

The concept would allow players to win money based on bets made in casinos.

The idea is to allow for large-scale gambling that would also benefit the state’s economy, according to a news release from the Graton’s chairman and CEO, Gary T. Smith.

But it has been met with opposition from local and national casino operators.

The new casino is expected to open in 2019, according the AP.

Smith, who also serves as a member of the state legislature, said that the project has a “fantastic track record.”

The Grontons proposal is a “wild and crazy idea,” the New Mexico Gaming Commission told the AP in an emailed statement.

“We are working to ensure this is not a ‘wild and wild’ casino.”

It has also received support from some state lawmakers, who say it is not an “extreme” gambling concept that would harm the state economy.

The proposal has been endorsed by state legislators, who have voted to pass a casino tax, a revenue-sharing plan that would allow casinos to pay for projects.

Smith said in a statement that he would not comment on the state Senate’s approval of the plan, which is currently being reviewed.

But he said that he was excited about the new plan because “it is the most radical gaming idea we have seen in the state.”

The casino will also be run by the Gronton family, which owns the resort.

“I would never want to create a gambling system in my state that is not in alignment with what we are about as a business,” Smith said.

The casino’s concept is not unique, either.

“The Grontos have been thinking about it for years and we’ve always said that if it is feasible we would pursue it,” state Sen. Jose Rodriguez said.

“They are absolutely crazy about this concept.

It is the first time they have really gone in and built it from scratch.”

The idea has been controversial in other states, too.

In Texas, a proposed casino project called Project Play has been facing opposition from other states including Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey and Kentucky.

The Texas proposal, which was initially scheduled to be built in 2018, has since been delayed and is currently on hold while it awaits final approval from the Texas Legislature.

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