As the big casino industry heads into its annual winter sales, there’s one thing the industry can’t wait to talk about: the prices it will set in 2018.

The Big Dollar casino in San Francisco, California, is set to debut at a new price of $4.5 million in 2018, according to a new report from industry publication Casino Business.

Big Dollar, which opened its doors in May 2018, will officially go up for sale at the end of October and the casino will officially close its doors at the beginning of November.

The average annual price for a Big Dollar is $1.3 million, according the report.

The industry has had some major changes since the Big Dollar was first announced.

The last time a casino opened in the US was in 2010, when a major gaming event brought in $2.8 billion in revenue.

That event also saw the demise of casinos in many other locations, including Las Vegas.

The year 2018 will mark the third consecutive year Big Dollar has opened in a new location.

The previous two years saw the opening of two different casinos in Las Vegas and San Diego, California.

This year, however, Big Dollar will be operating at its original location in San Jose, California in a brand new facility called the Big Dome.

The opening of the Big Dome will allow Big Dollar to expand its footprint, which currently stands at about 100,000 square feet in the parking lot of the nearby Golden Gate Bridge Casino.

It will also provide a more comfortable setting for customers, according a spokesperson for the casino.

It will be the first time the BigDollar Casino in San Diego has opened outside of California.

The brand new Big Domes new location is also expected to bring in more revenue than the original Big Dollar opened in 2018 due to the increased popularity of the popular online gaming platform.

The new facility will also help Big Dollar maintain a high standard of customer service, which has been a constant issue for the industry.

Big dollar was the first casino in the United States to accept credit cards, a move that is credited with helping the company break into the market in the past.

The casino is one of the largest online gaming companies in the world, and it is projected to grow its revenue by nearly 20% in 2018 from the previous year.

In 2019, Big dollar expects to report $7.5 billion in net income.

Big Dollar has a long history of making money through online gaming.

The company is now the only online gaming company in the nation that offers a free online poker service.

The company is also planning to offer a new service to players that will provide cash prizes and free game play during the Big Game.

This new service is expected to be unveiled at the Big Dayout in San Antonio, Texas in 2018 and will be called the “Big Game.”

The new service will feature a free, online poker experience, a new card game, and a “play the Big Deal” card game.

The “play-the-big-deal” card games are expected to provide an additional $1,200 prize per player during the 2018 Big Game, according an industry source.

The original Big Deal game has long been a staple of the online poker industry.

According to a 2016 study by Dice Research, the “big deal” game is the most popular online poker game in the U.S. and is also one of Big Dollar’s biggest draws.

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