The latest on gambling in Las Vegas and the US as it happens article PokerStars is set to open its newest casino in Vegas.

A Vegas franchise has already opened in Toronto, which is not the first time the Canadian company has opened a new casino in the United States.

The company announced it is planning to open a Las Vegas casino on the Strip in the US.

PokerStars has already had two casinos in Canada, in Vancouver and Edmonton, where it is currently seeking a US licence.

“We are excited to expand our global footprint in Las Venegas, and we are looking forward to opening our newest and largest Las Vegas gambling destination,” said Rob Goldblatt, CEO of PokerStars.

“This is an exciting time for us, and it is a testament to the strength of the local community that we are so excited to be partnering with so many of them, both in the city of Las Vegas as well as the greater Las Vegas region,” GoldblATT added.

The opening of a new poker site in Las Vega is just one of the things that are happening at the site.

A number of other gaming facilities are also expected to open in the next few months.

The latest figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the Las Vegas Strip generated $827.8 million in gambling revenues in 2018, up from $638.8m in 2017.

That’s up 10 per cent from $625.9m in 2016.

“It’s a really big jump, but we’ll get back to that when the end of this year,” said David Ebert, CEO and co-founder of the Las Venigos Gaming Association.

The association has been working with the Las Vega City Council to make sure that the gambling industry remains in the Las Villas community.

“Las Vegas is a really unique market,” Ebert said.

“Our industry has a very, very strong local presence and a lot of our local companies are located in the area.”

One of those local businesses is a Las Veniga casino, which opened last year.

“The Vegas Strip is the second-largest casino in North America after New York City, after Chicago,” said Jeff Besser, the managing director of the Wynn Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

“Its a really strong location, with the ability to host large events, a large number of restaurants and a big casino that’s been around for many years.

It’s the perfect location for us.”

Las Vegas has a population of around 5.5 million people, and is one of four major US gambling markets.

Las Vegas is also home to more than 30 casinos, most of which are located within the city.

There are a number of major casino projects under construction, including one that could potentially be the biggest ever for the US, according to Bessers.

“One of the projects under development right now is going to be the largest casino in history, which would be $5.5 billion, which means it’s a $50 billion project,” he said.

The construction is scheduled to begin in 2019.

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