Iowa residents are starting to notice the difference in their gaming machines after an internet company started testing out new gaming-like features on machines at a few casinos.

The gaming company, which calls itself Gamestop, is using the technology to test new features on gaming machines at the state’s three casinos, as well as at some of the state-owned casinos.

“It’s pretty cool to have a company like Gamestops’ technology,” said Steve Sallis, who owns a local gaming store in Iowa City, Iowa.

“We just recently got a new game machine, which is a $400 gaming machine.

And it’s the first gaming machine that we’ve ever gotten that has a touchscreen,” he added.

Gamestopping uses the technology of a smartphone or tablet to create a gaming-style interface on the machines.

It is designed to work well on tablets and smartphones, which have low power consumption, which makes it a natural fit for gaming machines.

Gamiestop said it began testing out the new technology on a few gaming machines in February at the two Iowa casinos, including the Chippewa Valley Casino, where a $200,000 gaming machine was used to test the new features.

The company said it is testing out a new version of the system at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, casino.

The new features are based on the company’s new proprietary technology that is designed for the gaming industry.

It allows for more flexibility and easier setup for users, Sallins said.

Gamlestop said the new version is designed specifically for the casinos.

Sallies new gaming machine includes a tablet display, a microphone and a remote that can control the game.

“The whole concept is to make it easier for players to play and more interactive for the players,” Salles said.

“There’s no need to be at the table with your hand on the controller, just a remote.”

Gaming is already a big part of the Iowa economy, and Gamestoppers new system is a significant step forward in making the state more attractive to gamblers.

“Gaming is a very large part of our economy and it’s growing every day,” Sillis said.

For many, gaming machines are the gateway to the big time, but many Iowa residents do not play the game for the money.

Gaming machines in the state have been around for decades, but the technology has changed.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily a new thing for Iowa,” Sain, a game store owner, said.

Sain said he does not expect Gamestowers technology to affect the state of Iowa.

The Iowa Gaming Commission has not yet approved Gamestopes technology.

“This is not a technology that Iowa residents will be playing for money,” Sains said.

The technology was tested at two Iowa sites, the Chittenden County Fairgrounds and the Cedar River Casino.

A video on shows the gaming machine in action. said it expects the technology will be rolled out at other gaming sites across Iowa.

Sains hopes that the technology is used by other Iowa gaming companies.

“They’ll want to do their own testing, and we’ll help them do that,” Sills said.

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