Las Vegas, Nevada – A hot dog shop is one of many businesses closing its doors at the Belterra Casino in Las Vegas after a fire in January killed six people and caused a $200 million casino expansion to be delayed.

The Belterreas, a family-owned restaurant, is one location in a chain that has closed around the country since the Jan. 12 blaze.

Las Vegas officials have made a number of changes in recent months.

In November, they reopened two locations in Las Cruces, New Mexico, but they also removed three more restaurants.

Two months later, they closed four locations in Texas.

On Jan. 26, they opened the new Belterras newest location in Las Angeles, California.

“It’s a very unique business that is unique in terms of being able to bring a lot of different products to the market at once,” said Dan Deveraux, vice president of corporate and media relations at Belterrea.

But Deverault said the company’s decision to close was not driven by a shortage of business.

Instead, he said, it was due to the fact that the expansion project that was supposed to begin in late 2017 was delayed.

“They have done a lot for us over the years, but the time that they have been able to work through some issues has really been amazing,” Deverauls said.

A spokesman for the casino says the fire was due in part to a power failure that was quickly put out.

Bevermore, Nevada, casino officials said in a statement that the blaze was the result of a “deliberate fire.”

“Due to an electrical malfunction and the extreme heat generated, fire was quickly extinguished,” the statement read.

“Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.”

The new Belters new location in California opened in early December.

It’s not the first time the Belters have closed.

In December of last year, the company announced it was shutting its two locations and opening three in Los Angeles.

The chain also closed one of its five Las Vegas locations in May, and the company plans to open a second location in October.

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