Quebec has just opened a brand new casino in Montreal, a casino that is not only a part of the French-language community, but also one that is built on top of a natural cliff.

The Redwind casino in the city’s eastern outskirts is located just east of the site of the old French-Canadian town of Le Devoir.

It will be open until January 2019, when the last of the remaining French-Canadians will leave Quebec and move to Canada.

The casino is the brainchild of French-based developer, Fanduel Casino, which is currently under construction in the French city of Lac-Mégantic.

Fanduel has been operating in Montreal since the late 1990s.

A year ago, the company purchased a 20-year lease for the casino, which it hopes to complete by 2021.

Fanduals parent company, Algeciras Group, was one of the first companies to bid on the casino lease.

The lease is expected to run through 2023, and the company says it expects to see the casino open by 2020.

Fancas new owner, CAA, says it is in the final stages of planning and construction on the new casino.

A small community of French Canadians in Montreal is very welcoming, said Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, the mayor of La Belle-Époque, where the new French-speaking community is located.

I see a lot of people who live in the area, but I also see a community that has a very friendly atmosphere, said Charbonnell, who is a member of the community council that is negotiating the casino project with Fanducas owners.

I am very pleased to see that, and I think that it is a very good thing, Charbonneaus told the Montreal Gazette.

The Quebec government announced the development of the casino in a news release Monday.

The Quebec government has also announced plans to open two new casinos in Quebec City and Montreal.

In a video released by Fanduca on Monday, the developer says the French Canadian community will be welcomed in the new area, even if it takes years to build.

“There will be a French-lingual community, the people who already live in this area will be welcome and there will be an additional French-Lebanese community,” Fancastaur said in the video.

The French-latin community is one of Montreal’s biggest, with over 300,000 people in the metropolitan area.

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