What’s the price of a ticket to Vegas? 

A few hundred dollars. 

That’s according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal said the average ticket price for a single night of the Las Vegas Strip is $1,000. 

The Journal reported that “the average person who attends the Las, Las Vegas, Las Caesars Arena in Las Vegas can pay as little as $2,400 to get a table at one of the more than 60,000 slot machines at the resort, which hosts the NFL and NBA games.” 

The WSJ said it’s unclear how much the games were worth before the legislation passed, and how many people actually bought tickets to the games, but that there are “a lot of people who are getting tickets” for the games. 

What’s the deal with the price increase?

The WSJ reported that the law “increased the minimum price of tickets for some events at Las Vegas casinos by 25 percent” and that some casinos are offering discounted prices for those who want to avoid the increased prices. 

“The new law makes it easier for consumers to avoid high ticket prices at a time when more people are looking for cheaper ways to get into the city’s casinos,” the WSJ added. 

Las Vegas Sands is also expected to announce plans to raise the minimum ticket price by an additional 10 percent to $1.50 for the first three days of every season beginning in 2020.

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