When the NHL decided to expand to Las Vegas, it didn’t know if it would make it to the NHL.

The expansion team was in need of a new home, and its name wasn’t even in the NHL’s official history books.

But Vegas was an obvious destination for the Wild Card franchise, and the team decided to go.

In 2017, the team was renamed the Wild.

A few months later, a few months after that, the Wild finally played in Vegas, defeating the Coyotes in a shootout on March 8, 2020.

The Wild Cards are now the first NHL team to play in a non-traditional NHL stadium, the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The team has also been to the Winter Classic in Florida, and was part of the team that won the Stanley Cup in 2017.

The team has made the playoffs in the past two seasons, and will play its first home game on Oct. 4 against the Anaheim Ducks, the first time in history that a team won a playoff series in Las Vegas.

The Wild won’t be in the Stanley and Cup playoffs next year, but there are some other interesting storylines on the horizon.

First of all, the franchise is now owned by a Canadian company, which will give the Wild franchise an international presence, which the Wild have always had.

The NHL has an international roster, but the NHL has never had a full international roster.

The league is going to be expanding this year, so the Wild will have some NHL players who will be from overseas.

But the Wild is also going to have a roster from Europe, which is going, well, we can have some players from the NHL who can play on our team.

So the Wild’s roster will be international.

The Wild has also added an American player, in the form of Ryan Murray, to the roster.

Murray will be joining the Wild on a one-year deal, which was originally announced last June, but was postponed by the lockout.

Murray has played for three different teams in the American Hockey League, but he’s been a steady presence in the league.

The first season Murray has been with the Wild was a successful one, and Murray was rewarded with a $1 million bonus.

Murray played in the playoffs with the Boston Bruins, and scored a goal in the Wild Cup game.

The second big storyline for the team is the return of the Wild to Las.


This was always going to happen, because Las Vegas is such a popular destination.

Vegas was the first city to host the NHL All-Star Game, and a lot of the Vegas locals were thrilled to be a part of it.

The only thing that was missing was the NHL team.

The NHL is coming to Vegas, and I think the team will be very successful there.

I think it will be great for the NHL in Las, and it will make it even more important for us to get our franchise back in the United States.

We are looking forward to playing there and playing in the new arena, and hopefully we can make some good memories there.

We’ll be back in Las for the 2017-18 season.

We will have a lot more fun in Vegas.

I’m looking forward for that, to be honest.

We’re excited to be back.

It will be good for hockey in Las and the game in general.

The fans are going to love it.

It’s going to bring a lot to the table.

I’m looking at this as the first season in a very long, long career.

We’ll see what happens with the expansion draft, and we’ll see how the expansion rules are going.

But I think this is a good opportunity for us, and one we will be proud to have in Las.

It’ll be fun.

The next part of this story is about the Wild, but I think one of the things that makes this story so exciting is that it is a team that is looking to the future, and is making sure that its young players have the chance to have the best possible future.

And that’s what the Wild has been doing, with its young guys.

This year’s team will include four new players, with Mikko Koivu, Sami Vatanen, Erik Haula, and Kyle Brodziak.

Koivo has already started the year on the wing with Ryan Murray and Nick Bjugstad. 

Koivu is a big-bodied center who can be an offensive weapon in the offensive zone, or a defensive player, if needed.

He can also play both ends of the ice.

He was a first-round pick by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2018 NHL Draft, and he’s just turned 22.

Koivisto is a very athletic, very physical player.

He’s a very good skater, a good skaters puck handler, and good with the puck.

He plays a very physical game, and that’s something that I think we’ve

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