Las Vegas, Nevada – February 24, 2018 – A new study by BMO Harris Interactive and CBRE Research shows that the four largest casinos in the United States (excluding the Atlantic City casinos) accounted for more than 80% of total revenue from online gambling in 2018, with the top four earning an average of $7.5 billion per year.

This represents an increase of nearly $8 billion from 2018, according to the analysis.

While the four biggest casinos (Casino Caesars, MGM Grand, Wynn Resorts and The Wynn) are all in the Las Vegas region, the other four are located in the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, Florida and Nevada.

The study also looked at the amount of revenue generated by online gaming across the nation.

The study identified more than $3.5 trillion in total revenue generated through online gaming in 2018.

The top five sites with the largest revenue generated were all located in North America, with online gambling accounted for over one-third of total online gaming revenue in North American.

The remaining six online gaming sites with revenues of over $1 billion were located in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The most popular sites for online gambling were the Wynn, The Sands, Wynantree, The Mirage and Caesares.

The average amount of money spent by users on online gambling was $11,988 per user.

The bottom three most popular online gambling sites in 2018 were the New York Stock Exchange, the California Stock Exchange and the Las Angles Casino.

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