NEW YORK — Diamond jo casino is offering a $1,000 cash bonus to new customers to encourage them to try the new casino at Twin River Casino in Las Vegas.

“We have to get more new customers in here, especially because Twin River is one of the biggest casinos in Las Angeles County, with a lot of different gaming styles,” said Mike Karpinski, Diamond jo’s chief executive officer.

A $1 million bonus will be given to the first new customer that signs up for a new gaming license.

The casino also is offering to give new customers a $500 bonus for using the credit card to buy a casino gaming card, which will allow them to use the card to get into Twin River casino.

That card also has a $200 annual limit and a $100 annual fee.

Karpinski said the casino also will offer a $10,000 bonus to customers who sign up for Twin River gaming.

More than 6,000 new casino games have been approved since the casino opened in November.

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