Donald Trump Jr. has been accused of anti-gay comments on social media after the president tweeted about Georgia Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson and the state’s anti-discrimination bill.

The president’s tweets came in response to a tweet that he later deleted.

The tweet said Isaksen had “a nasty habit of attacking my father and other Republican politicians” on Twitter.

The tweets were in response, Isaksion tweeted, to a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in which Isaksean’s office accused Isakssons office of making false claims about his family.

“Georgia’s anti discrimination bill is a big mistake,” Isaksson tweeted.

“My father was attacked by his own Republican office and has since been attacked by Georgia Democrats.”

Isakisson has said he was “shocked and disappointed” by the president’s tweet and will be taking the issue up with the White House.

“I’ve never met him and I have no personal relationship with him,” Isasakson said on Twitter, referring to the president.

The Georgia Republican, who has served in Congress since 2007, is a former GOP state lawmaker and served in the House of Representatives for 20 years.

Isakserson said he will file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

“This type of bigotry, this kind of language and these types of statements by President Trump, he has to be held accountable,” Isasi said.

“We are a state, and we’re going to hold him accountable.”

Isis has said that he is gay and said that Trump is “playing a game” to score political points.

Trump has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to have gay or transgender people in the military, and that his stance on gay marriage has been a topic of discussion at his rallies.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that Isakusson called Trump on Twitter to apologize for the tweets.

Isasakis statement came a day after Isakshson posted a tweet on Facebook that included a photo of a Confederate flag that he said was taken in the South by a “young white man” in a photo caption that read “a young white man was in the south and stole a flag.”

The tweet prompted Isak s family and a number of social media users to criticize Isakion s actions.

Isakeson has said the flag in question was taken by a relative and that the photo was taken years ago.

Isakinson has defended his tweet as a personal joke and said he did not mean to imply that his family had anything to do with the flag.

“It was an act of satire, I’m not a racist,” Isakesson said on Monday.

Isaskson said the incident has made him more determined to fight to preserve the Confederate flag and said his family is “very proud of him for taking the time to stand up to that nonsense.”

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