When you lose money at a casino, you may not know why, or why not.

When a casino loses money it loses your hard-earned money.

If you lose your hard earned money, then you lose it for good.

A loss of your money can mean the difference between having money and not having it, or the difference of having money versus not having money.

It can also mean the end of your casino gaming career.

In fact, losing money can actually be bad for your health.

“I had a heart attack in my late 20s, after losing my casino account and money,” said John Pfeifer, who is now retired and living in Colorado.

“So, it really did affect me, and the fact that I couldn’t get work, and it made it difficult for me to get my life back on track.”

For the last seven years, Pfeif has been working at the local bar, which has been struggling with low patronage.

Pfeiffer lost a large chunk of his gambling income to gambling addiction, which was the main cause of his financial crisis.

In 2008, PFEIF lost all his casino gambling money, which he used to purchase a house.

“That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, because I didn’t have any money to fall back on,” he said.

PFEIFFER HAS NEVER BEEN A GOLF PLAYER, HE WAS ALWAYS A GRIEF PLAYER”When I was young I used to play golf, and I used my friends and family to get me to the games,” Pfeiefer said.

“But I was never a gambler.”

The problem for Pfeffers was gambling addiction.

“There was a time where I used some money to go on a trip, and then I just gave it all away,” he recalled.

“Then I used it to pay off debt, and when I got back home, I didn�t have any of it.

It made me angry.

It took me a long time to get to the point where I could start to make my own decisions and make my money back.”

Pfeiffeer lost his savings and money to gambling.

He has a $5,000 car loan and has been paying off a loan since the age of 25.

“You don’t want to go back to the casino,” he explained.

“The casino can kill you.

It’s a place where you have no money, no money in your pocket.

The casino can get you to do stupid things that you should never do.”

If a casino can’t make money from gambling, they are less likely to be able to keep the games going.

This is what happened to Pfeiffs son, who lost his $300,000 winnings.

The loss was due to the fact he couldn’t pay off the loan.


WHEN YOU WIN $300K FROM YOUR POTION FROM A LOST GOLFEFER, YOU ARE LOST $300M”I lost everything because I couldn�t pay it back,” PFEIFFER said.

It was like a loss for him and his family.

He lost everything he had worked for.


“Gambling was something I was addicted to,” PPEIFFERS son said.

He didn’t know what to do if he lost his money.

PEEKIFFES SON FALLS OUT TO HAVE LOSSES OF $300 MILLION FROM GOLFER ACCOUNT”He told me, `Oh, I have this account, I don’t have to pay this amount.’

So I was like, `I’ll be OK.’

He was just so happy to see me get through it, and to get his money back,” he remembered.

“He just thought it was all worth it, he just said, `We’re all just going to have a good time, and we’re going to play poker.'”

PFEICEFFERS LOSS IS THE LASTTHING TO SURPRISE HIM”I didn’t want anything to happen to my son,” PEEFIFERS said.

The father of four lost his casino account, and he lost the money he worked so hard to earn.

“My son lost $300 million, I lost $500 million, and my wife and I are broke.

I didnít know what was going to happen,” Peefife said.

But Pfeilders son told him, “You know, you can’t lose everything.

And he was like I was just joking, I was joking, but the truth is, that was a lifetime ago, so I don�t want that to happen again.”

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