The world’s third largest economy, Mexico has become one of the safest places to play casino games in recent years.

But it remains a place to be wary of online gambling, especially when it comes to Mexico City’s tequila and tequila-infused casinos.

The government recently introduced a law that would allow local governments to impose a limit of two casinos per city.

It’s not clear whether local governments can enforce the measure or impose penalties on people who are found gambling.

While Mexico City has its own gambling scene, Tequila City in the state of Chiapas is home to a number of popular tequila bars.

In recent years, Mexico City casinos have been one of many tourist destinations hit hard by the fallout of the Zika virus.

There have been some casinos in Mexico City that have been hit hard, including the Tequila Casino Casa de Tequila, where patrons who want to gamble must have the vaccine.

The city has also suffered from a surge in robberies in recent months.

Last week, a man was caught on camera at a casino gambling at gunpoint, and another video showed a robber holding a woman hostage at a Tequila bar.

A Mexican police official has said the man who robbed the casino in the first video had been on the run for months and had been caught by a group of police officers who had stopped him for the third time.

In addition to the armed robbery, the Tequilla casino has seen two robberies and a shooting in recent weeks.

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