The Bahamas, home to the world’s largest sandcastle and the home to a large number of casinos, is seeking $15 million from the government of the Bahamas for the construction of a new casino.

The proposed project is in the early stages, but could cost the island about $3 billion, said Joseph Zabala, the Bahamas’ finance minister.

The development would be built in partnership with MGM Resorts, MGM Resort Atlantic, and the Bahamas Development Authority.

The construction of the new resort, scheduled to open in 2021, would be financed by the Bahamas government, according to Zabada, who said it was unclear when the project would be completed.

Zabala declined to say when the new development would begin.

Zabialla said the development would not create any jobs in the country, but it would create “a number of jobs” that will help support the island’s tourism industry.

The new resort would include a casino and restaurants.

It would be located at the end of a stretch of sand dunes that is dotted with thousands of sandcastle domes, the most popular of which is the iconic Blue Hole in Manasquan, Bahamas.

The Blue Hole has attracted tourists from around the world, including some of the world`s biggest names, including British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who played the role of a former U.S. Marine.

The site has also become popular for weddings, funerals, and special events, according the Bahamas Tourism Authority.

Zablada said the island had requested $15.3 million from a federal aid program known as the Federal Assistance to Develop Foreign Economic Developments, or FADE.

It had asked the U.N. for $8.9 million.

Zabalada said a decision on the project was expected in the coming days.

The Bahamas government has already awarded contracts to three other developers, including one to build a resort in the Dominican Republic.

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