A game of poker can be hard to keep track of and follow, but it can also be fun.

So, for those who enjoy the game, here are five tips for keeping it fun and engaging at the poker table.


Get the right amount of hands A good poker hand is one that allows you to play a good amount of hand, even if it means you have to be a little more patient.

“It’s a matter of balancing the cards, if you’re a little bit slow on your feet and the other player’s a little faster, they’re going to be better off playing a little slower and you’ll see your hand increase,” says John Egan, founder of the American Gaming Association.

If you’re lucky enough to be playing at a table that has a minimum of four players, you can try and get two hands and see if that works.

“But if you have five or six hands, you’ve got to take your time and try and keep your hands at a reasonable level,” Egan adds.


Practice playing at different tables The best poker players practice playing in different tables, so that they can be prepared for each opponent’s style of play.

“If you’re going into a room full of experienced poker players, they are going to play very conservatively, and that’s a mistake,” says Brian Gorman, a retired NFL quarterback and author of The New Rules of Poker.

“So, it’s a good idea to try to practice your hand in different places.”


Play for longer than four hands When playing poker at more than four-player tables, Gorman says, you have less time to plan ahead.

“That means that if you are going for a big number, you may not have time to go out and play, and if you get a smaller number, your hands will be a lot tighter,” he says.

“And if you want to be successful, you should play for four hands.”


Practice using a hand with a longer length The longer the hand, the better, says Gorman.

“A shorter hand will give you a better chance to put in more chips than a longer hand.

The longer your hand, you’ll be able to make better calls, and you will be able throw your chips more quickly,” he adds.

“Also, a shorter hand gives you a greater chance to get a draw on the first shot.”


Play more consistently to be more effective 5.1.

Play poker on a larger table If you want the best poker experience, Giorgio de Rosa, a professor at the University of Florida, recommends a bigger poker table, because it allows you “to play a much longer game, and a lot of people don’t want to play poker on small tables.”

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Play the game with a partner If you don’t have a partner, Goralas suggested playing poker with a “team of friends,” who can “come together to work out problems and see how they can solve them.”

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Practice with other players You should also practice playing with other poker players.

“Practice with your buddies and play with the best players you can find, so you can keep the game moving,” Gorman recommends.


Be smart about your bets If you are in a tournament setting, try to play with a poker team of three or four players.

When playing a game of chance, the more people you play with, the greater the chances of a winning hand, Egan says.

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Playing at the right table When you’re at a large casino, Gromons recommends playing with “four or five people” because the players will “have a little extra time to work together.”


Playing with the right people At the table of your favorite poker players is a good time to practice playing at the same table.

“You should always practice playing your hand with the same people,” Eggings says.

If playing with two people at the game table can be a problem, play with three.

“I think you should try to have a maximum of six people on the table, and three of them should play the same hand,” Egon says.


Be patient when you are playing The best players always try to keep poker fun.

“In order to be able in the long run to keep the games going, you’re not going to keep playing your best hands for the next three hours,” Giorgi says.

But if you do have a chance to make a good hand, keep it going, because “you’ll find out if you played a really good hand or not.”


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes At the end of the day, the only way to win is to keep on playing and winning.

“As long as you keep playing the game at the best possible level, it will always be fun,” Golin says.


Play on a regular basis There are plenty of online

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