Vegas is gearing up for a new wave of casino gaming expansion in 2018, with a slate of new slots and slots machines set to open in 2019. 

The city is expected to welcome a string of slot machines and a casino-themed restaurant called the “Marlow” in late January. 

More:Las Vegas will host its first-ever live casino, the largest in the US, as well as the first casino-style restaurant, a luxury hotel and a theme park, the city announced in a statement. 

“Las Vegas is making strides towards bringing in additional casino gaming opportunities in 2018,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said in the statement.

“With the arrival of our first new casino, we will be introducing new slots machines, slot machines, and theme park rides, as we build on our current slate of casinos.” 

Read more: Las Vegas opens first casino, restaurant and theme parks in US as state gears up for $1.2 trillion casino expansionRead more about casino expansion: The announcement comes just a month after the Nevada Gaming Control Board said it would expand the state’s slot machine capacity to 600 machines per day, from the current limit of 500. 

In an interview with ABC News, Nevada Gaming Director Larry W. Murray said the increase would help the city prepare for the possibility of another boom in slot machines.

“We want to be able to put the pieces in place so that we can get to a more competitive environment,” Murray said.

“The last thing we want to do is see our economy shrink.

We want to continue to invest in Nevada and grow the economy.” 

The Nevada Gaming Authority said it was not aware of any other cities in the United States with larger slots machines and/or other themed attractions. 

Read about the new casino and theme restaurant in Las Vegas: Las Vegas has had a string, including the Las Vegas Golden Nugget, which opened in February. 

Laguna Beach opened a casino in March, and the city is also planning a $1 billion entertainment district in the Las Verdes region that would include a hotel and casinos.

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