Palm Springs, California — Authorities in the state of Michigan say they have identified five people who died as a result of the deadly gambling industry in the city.

Authorities are investigating whether the deaths were caused by gambling in violation of gambling laws.

A spokesperson for the state’s attorney general’s office said investigators were not releasing the names of the people who have died because of the investigation.

Michigan state Attorney General Bill Schuette said Monday the investigation has been completed and the investigation is ongoing.

Investigators were not immediately able to comment on the names released Monday, but the attorney general told reporters that investigators were seeking information from casino operators to help determine the causes of the deaths.

The five deaths, which occurred in different gambling venues, occurred between February and May.

According to the Michigan Gaming Commission, there were about 4,000 gambling rooms in the Palms, which are about 1,000 square miles and about the size of a small state.

The Michigan Gaming Board’s website says Palms has a population of about 1.5 million.

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