‘No matter what’: Kentucky’s gambling industry to be regulated by federal regulators

The Gaming Commission of Kentucky, an agency created to regulate the state’s gambling business, has filed a request for comment with the U.S. Department of Justice seeking to determine if Kentucky’s gaming industry has any legal standing to be subject to federal anti-money laundering rules.Gambling industry lawyer, Stephen C. Tewksbury, said the commission’s request will be considered if the department’s […]

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Aussie poker company looking to take on Vegas

Aussie online poker site Cardroom, a subsidiary of Melbourne-based poker firm PokerStars, has opened a new casino in Vegas.The casino will be located in a former nightclub.Cardroom’s casino in Las Vegas is on a former strip club site.Cardrooms has partnered with Nevada’s Wynn Resorts and a group of local players who are interested in expanding their casino business.Cardroom’s Vegas casino […]

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