Quebec’s Redwind Casino opens in Montreal

Quebec has just opened a brand new casino in Montreal, a casino that is not only a part of the French-language community, but also one that is built on top of a natural cliff.The Redwind casino in the city’s eastern outskirts is located just east of the site of the old French-Canadian town of Le Devoir.It will be open until […]

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Two casinos closed as Hurricane Matthew hits Florida

Two Las Vegas casinos are closing as Hurricane Andrew passes through the area, but the Wynn Hotel and the Cripple Creek Casino in Pompano Beach, Florida, are expected to stay open.The Wynn opened Wednesday and is expected to reopen Sunday, with the Croucher Casino and Cripples Creek Casino both expected to remain open throughout the week.The Associated Press first reported […]

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Graton casino: A ‘ludicrous’ new casino proposal is based on the ‘wildest, most ludicrous’ gambling concept in existence

A new proposal to build a casino in southern New Mexico is based around a concept that “has not existed in the history of gaming,” the Associated Press reported.The Graton Resort Casino and Spa has been on the drawing board for two years.The concept would allow players to win money based on bets made in casinos.The idea is to allow […]

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