Five casinos to close next year as part of plan to reduce gambling risks

Five casinos in Arkansas will close next month as part a plan to cut gambling risks.The Las Vegas and Paradise resorts will close in March, while the three casinos in western Arkansas will shut in April.The closures will leave more than 2,000 people without a casino license and will impact a small business owner who is in the process of […]

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When a casino loses a game, is it worth the risk?

Three-quarters of the games in Las Vegas’ four-winds casino were canceled before the season opened, leaving the place as the only remaining casino in the city without a full day of play.That’s a problem for casino owners, and the lack of play means that the only way to make ends meet is to buy the games at a discount.The result […]

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The Biggest Casino Heist in Florida history: The New York Times

The biggest casino in Florida is now under fire.But the real-estate investment bank and the company behind it may be facing legal troubles, too.The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that it has obtained a criminal complaint charging that the company that owns the Tropicana Casino and Resort is illegally concealing evidence of the $1.2 billion loss it suffered as a […]

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Four Winds Casino, Las Vegas, will shut down

Four Winds, a Las Vegas casino, will close its doors in early 2018, the company announced Tuesday.The Las Vegas-based casino operator, which had about 1,400 employees and $25 billion in revenue, said in a statement that the decision was made in response to a review of the business and a number of factors, including the “challenges and challenges of the […]

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