When a casino loses a game, is it worth the risk?

Three-quarters of the games in Las Vegas’ four-winds casino were canceled before the season opened, leaving the place as the only remaining casino in the city without a full day of play.That’s a problem for casino owners, and the lack of play means that the only way to make ends meet is to buy the games at a discount.The result […]

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The Biggest Casino Heist in Florida history: The New York Times

The biggest casino in Florida is now under fire.But the real-estate investment bank and the company behind it may be facing legal troubles, too.The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that it has obtained a criminal complaint charging that the company that owns the Tropicana Casino and Resort is illegally concealing evidence of the $1.2 billion loss it suffered as a […]

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Four Winds Casino, Las Vegas, will shut down

Four Winds, a Las Vegas casino, will close its doors in early 2018, the company announced Tuesday.The Las Vegas-based casino operator, which had about 1,400 employees and $25 billion in revenue, said in a statement that the decision was made in response to a review of the business and a number of factors, including the “challenges and challenges of the […]

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