How to Play Poker with the New Casino Game, Diamond Joe’s

Now Playing: Poker is about to become much more accessible to players.And you can do it with your smartphone.But for now, you’ll need to use a phone, a tablet, or a computer.In fact, there are a few reasons to prefer a computer, even if it’s a tablet or a smartphone.Here’s what you need to know.What is poker?Pairs of hands, called […]

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Free Casino Games for Kids with PARAGON Casino

Free Casino games for kids with paragon casinos have been made available to the public.The company behind the game is called PARAGONS, and it’s the newest of a handful of new games designed to give kids a new challenge while still providing them with a fun and easy way to earn money.PARAGONY is available for download in the Google Play […]

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Shreveport casino: A $50 million win for the casino industry

Shreve, LA – The $50-million win by Shreve City-based Shreve Casino on Saturday to host the 2017 World Series is a testament to the growth of the American gambling industry, Mayor Kevin H. Johnson said at a press conference Monday.The casino’s win is the first for Shreve since it opened in 2009 and marks the third consecutive year the city […]

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