Harrington Casino: Legend Casino & Club opens in Huntington

This is the newest incarnation of the famed Harrington casino in Huntington, and it will serve as the home of Legends Casino &, the latest incarnation of an elite Vegas strip that’s been in business for more than a century.Harrington & the Huntington Resort & Casino opened last week and is expected to open to the public later this month.The […]

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The most expensive casino in the state to visit

Idaho Falls, Idaho — The most-expensive casino in Idaho is a $1.2 billion facility on the edge of Lake Tahoe.The state’s highest-profile resort casino, the $5 billion Wynn Resorts International, is situated on the Las Vegas Strip in a prime location that’s popular with locals.The Wynn’s main draw is a high-end casino and casino lounge that includes a bowling alley, […]

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